Saturday, February 7, 2009

Go Blog Yourself

2009 started off on the doucheyist of notes. But when you consider the last few months I had leading up to it, there really wasn't much hope for the new year. I had a few firsts in 2008. Most notably the loss of my Father in December. I started a blog about him that you can find here.

During most of 2008 I could have topped the list of serial daters from the portal to hell which is better known as I spent a good six months searching for love, instead I found the seven dwarfs of internet dating also known as Creepy, Stinky, Faggy, Hairy, Fatty, Wimpy, and my favorite... The One Eyed Monster. Needless to say, I had a lot of first dates. I have since deleted my profile and given up on fishing for a man.

In September I found myself moved to yet another property in DFW. This time the wheels of fate took me to Plano, which I believe is spanish for "you will pay $200 a month in tolls." I love the area and I am now about a mile from my BFF so it has had its upside, but the drive to anything familiar to me is borderline ridiculous.

I think my most random first in 2008 was when I was chosen to help pick out a valentines day card from Tony to Jessica. In February, Tony enlisted the services of his favorite errand boy to run across the street to the Galleria and pick out a card for Jessica for valentines day. Jessica was expected to arrive later on in the day. Lets pause for a moment and give a round of applause to yet another man that waited until the last possible minuted to buy his valentine a card. Moving on. Errand boy not being the brightest of bulbs when it comes to love brought me in on the mission. I of course picked out a card that had a fart in it. Love was definitely in the air that valentines day.


Anonymous said...

Love it! I think doucheyist should be a word, btw. I am writing to Webster's right now...

Melissa said...

Doucheyist should absolutely be a word. LYAS ;)

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