Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bitter Party of One, Your Table is Now Available

As many of you know, this week has been especially tough. With fathers day rapidly approaching I have been quite the bitter bear. I would really like to find a random person to stab right in the eye.

Between my tearful eyes and total lack of regard for others on Tuesday, it turned out to be a complete douche of day. Oddly enough, all I wanted in life that day was a chocolate chip cookie. I cannot explain it. A) I do not like chocolate B) I rarely crave sweets. It was all I could talk about at work and I made sure everyone in my path new about it. I wanted a big fresh baked chocolate chip cookie and I wanted it delivered to my desk. Obviously this did not happen.

I ended up completely losing it when I got home from work. I was ridiculous mess and as always I reached out to the one person in my life that always understands and never judges me, my mom. I called her in tears and regurgitated everything that had been running circles in my head. She listened and offered to come over to be with me. Minutes later mom showed up at my door in her PJ's. In her hand was a giant fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.

I had not mentioned to my mom during our phone conversation or at any other point that day that I had been craving a chocolate chip cookie. A drug rep had brought in lunch for her office that day. She originally brought the cookie home for herself. On her way out of the door that night she remembered the cookie and brought it with her. Somehow she knew that I might need it.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

Hey Girlie,

I can't offer you any words to make you feel better about the situation. My husband's mom passed away a little bit over a year ago and Mother's Day was very hard on him, as was his first birthday without her around, and the holidays. My guess is that the first everything without your father is going to make you feel upset/sad/bitter or whatever.

Don't try to control your emotions during this time but at the same time don't let them control you.

I hope things get better for you and that the chocolate chip cookie made you feel a bit better!

EcoChica said...

I love your mom and I admire your strength. Is it too late to increase your reservation to bitter party of two??

Unknown said...

Gotta love Mom! But ALSO, remember, you have more than one person that never judges... I might not always understand, but I listen and do not judge. Love you!

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