Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Weight Management Chicken Incident

My friend B Dub and I were recently at The Cheese Cake Factory for lunch when we noticed an interesting item on the menu. B Dub, always being the fun one, first notices this ridiculous monstrosity and brings it to my attention.

They actually have a dish called "Weight Management Grilled Chicken". Seriously? I mean seriously?? Who orders that? I can just imagine sitting there and looking up at the waiter with a strait face and ordering the Weight Management Chicken?? Come on now, they could not come up with a better name than that? I immediately picture a sad little chicken breast laying on a plain white plate looking awfully defeated and possibly even ran over. The menu describes it as "Lightly Pounded Chicken Breast Charbroiled and Topped with a Tomato and Arugula Salad. Garnished with Steamed White Rice and Asparagus." After reading their description the chicken I am picturing in my head now has a face and is wearing a black suit. He is laying next to 4 pieces of white rice and he is holding a sad little piece of asparagus in his hand.

The best part ... They trademarked the name! Needless to say B Dub and I ordered something else off of the menu.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

I would have ordered it anyway! Not because of the name but just to further prove how its NOT Weight Management. Have you seen the freaking portion sizes at CCF? We don't have one here in Montreal so every single time we travel our boss insists on taking us to 1. The Cheesecake Factory and 2. Morton's SteakHouse (not that I mind the yummy yummy free food!) but we always laugh at the size of the portions. Every meal there is large enough for TWO people to eat!

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