Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well kids I did it. After an incredibly draining week in Hot Springs I needed something to take my mind off of the thousand thoughts that were racing through my head. I welcomed any distraction. I chose to go on a date. Yes I know that renting Twilight for the 15th time would have been a less risky choice, but I had a good feeling about this one.

I had been texting back and forth with a boy we will call "Chris Daughtry" (as always for the protection of his identity) that I met on POF. There was definitely a connection from the start, but you know how it goes with internet dating, you usually have better odds in a casino. I was hopeful but not expecting anything other than coffee with a stranger that would at the very least give me something to blog about other than the horrible week I had just a few days before.

So I kept my word and met him for coffee on Friday afternoon. Without question it was definitely a "Good Friday". I made sure that I would arrive before him so that I could do the ultimate girl thing and make my way to the bathroom. Hair check. Make-up Check. Yep I was good to go. Then he walked in. I was pleasantly surprised. I was instantly comfortable around him and he somehow managed to take my mind off of everything that was slowly eating away at my heart and soul.

Looking back I dont think we even had any uncomfortable silences, we went through coffee and our backgrounds without skipping a beat. We did the first date donts of talking about past relationships and I think I even brought up politics. OOPS. But when have I ever played by the rules?

I had made "plans afterwords" also known as the get me the hell out of here plans that never really existed. I did this so that we would not have an infinite amount of time on our hands..... you just never know. I had casually mentioned during our conversation over coffee that my wallet was stolen while in Hot Springs. The man actually offered to go over to the mall with me and help me pick out a new wallet. Hello? Huh? What the french?.... did that really just happen? I jumped at his offer.

After I FINALLY found a wallet that suited my taste I did the Melissa thing and confessed that there were really no other plans later and asked if he would he like to go grab something to eat. I know someone out there is throwing their hands up in the air and telling me that I am an idiot. But that's okay. I am used to making it up as I go.

We had dinner, we had chemistry, and we had a damn good time.


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